Showing your true colors

How many of you out there know anybody that has their heads held so high up in the clouds that they act like they are better than everybody else?

Well I have this co-worker that is exactly like this. I use to be very close to her; one would say she was almost like a second mom to me. We always talked on the phone, I use to go over to her house for coffee. One day she completely change, turned kind of dark. She tried to say that I told somebody something that she told me in confidence… I wouldn’t do that. If somebody tells me something  that they tell me then I won’t say a word. She really stopped talking to me then! She wouldn’t hear me out. A month passed and she texted me out of the blue asking if I could work for her. I said, ” Let me ask my husband but it shouldn’t be a problem.” She said, ” I need to know by noon!” Well it was like 11:58. I said, ” I may not know within two minutes.” ” I need to know!” she exclaimed. She got pretty ignorant with me. I just said, “Fine! but it’s not fair that you’re not giving me a chance to tell my husband first considering that we only have the one car.”  She said, ” LIFE’S NOT FAIR!” This ignorance doesn’t end there. My ferret Sophie died on Monday. I was telling her about it and she said, “yeah I heard.” I said, “My husbands very upset about it.” She goes, ” He needs to get a life! It’s just a ferret. On a scale of one to ten, one being not very important a ferret is a one.” Like seriously did she just say what I think she did? Yeah I heard her correctly. To my husband and I our animals are like our children because we don’t have any children yet. So basically what i just heard is, one of your kids just died. Oh well. Anyway she is just heartless. She doesn’t know what its like to love a animal. They become our family members. She is just bitter because her daughter lives in Hawaii and she is stuck in Missouri, the rest of her family is in Hawaii and California. So she is pretty bitter. She takes it out on all the wrong people. I am always there cheering her on and everything that she accomplishes, I am always happy for her. The one time I need her to just say, “I am sorry for your loss.” She can’t, she just pops off with something ignorant to say.

The reason that I am writing this is to warn people, that if you give somebody this many chances they’re obviously not going to change. So just stop trying!Showing your true colors


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